Monday, October 16, 2017

Cycnodes Wine Delight

the Wine Delight is a cross between Cycnoches lehmannii and Mormodes sinuata.

would not claim the credit here because the plant has begun to produce spike when i bought it. the pot came with two plants in it, initial intention was to give a part of the plant to a friend but my friend said only to divide it after they finish blooming. some variety is darker in red, some lighter. this is a very old hybrid and perhaps many remake of this cross has been done.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Catasetum viridiflavum

this is the second blooming for viridiflavum. they sulked for sometime after i divided the plant a couple years back. however the joy was short lived as they suffer the same fate previously and this time even worst. the buds never had a chance to bloom, the spike were broken and the buds were partially gnawed by some creatures . 

was able to save one bloom by putting the broken spike end submerged under water. the other bud didn't make it. however i manage to save a pollen !

this is the second spike from the same plant and for once the spike is left alone by the monkeys. the lateral sepals began to sprung open and the green globous hood starts to show color shades of yellow, both green and yellow color on the hood as implies by its name, viridiflavum.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Catasetum discolor

i posted the discolor quite sometime ago but back then, the spike develop from the dormant bulb and thus the credit wasn't mine to claim at that time. old post of discolor

after manage to revive the infected bulb, it only manage to grow weak bulbs on subsequent growth. slowly regaining its strength, finally the plant came to the stage where it is healthy enough to produce spike.

as previously mentioned, the discolor was once though to be similar to ciliatum but they are actually two different distinct species

the spike of the discolor, they are arching in nature, unlike the ciliatum which is erected.

they have ciliated structure like the ciliatum but lack of the velvety line inside the labellum. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Catasetum albovirens

got this as a single bulb, rather small bulb actually for a species that is know for being capable of growing to a fairly huge specimen.

the name albovirens is derived from the Latin word albus meaning white and virens (green). i had seen a alba variety of this species, very nice to my liking and hopefully to land one in my collection one day,

the flower is rather small actually, less than an inch, slight fragrance noted,
the labellum is hood shape, lateral labellum is serrated and the tip of the labellum is recurvated, characteristic of the spike is arching.

flower opens up more on subsequent day

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Clowesia Rebecca Northen

got this seedlings as a gift. after a about two years it decided to bloom. the color does not fit for a rebecca northen. have not seen a rebecca northen this color, and yet the lip is different . 
coor isn't that great either, however would use this flower as training ground for intergeneric pollination. 

manage to get in contact with the person who pass me this seedlings, she is quite sure the label was right. well i guess got to live with that label id for now.
here is the update for the pod formation, i cross all three with different catasetums using the mentor pollen technique, but two is aborting. one still developing, keeping finger cross

only one pod manage to fully ripen, the one that is cross with a fresh pollen, ie. catasetum cristatum.
however, i discarded the pod as i had full doubt regarding the id of this parent plant. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Catasetum cristatum alba - female

most of the female catasetum flower looks almost alike, except some species of the catasetum like the incurvum and pileatum have very tall hood,

the reason i am posting this is not only to show the female flower of this species, but also to keep tract of its progress after pollination. so i guess i would have to update this thread from time to time. 

it is good to have some pollinas handy in the refrigerator. there is three of them so i thought of pushing my luck for this. 

three pollination that i had in mind, 
1. cristatum alba x self
2. cristatum alba x catasetum rectangulare alba
3. cristatum alba x catasetum denticulatum

though i am quite lazy in doing the flasking part, but i guess no harm having the seeds in the fridge handy, just in case i my hands are itchy again 

more pics to follow after the pollination if there is any 'take', (sorry for the quality of the pics, my usual camera 'retired', so i am forced to use back my old ancient camera)

seems like there is 'take' in all three pollinations. now is just to keep the finger cross and hope the pods continue to develop.

pods continue to develop further

all three pods fully develop, only waiting for it to ripen

Monday, October 3, 2016

Catasetum rectangulare alba

this is actually the same catasetum rectangulare that i posted before, but for this season, the inflorescence color tone is different from the previous. so far the only thing i could recall is change in fertilizer. 
recently i used mainly only blooming fertilizer of the 12:26:26 instead of the usual 21:21:21 then change to blooming fertilizer as the bloom matures. that is the only variable i could recall.